Desert Rose

desire, sweetness, temptation



Butoh dance performance



Phot. Agencja Vizualna, © TO-EN Butoh Company 2014




Concept, choreography and dance 


Krzysztof Pajka (Poland), Taavi Tulev (Estonia), Timo Viialainen (Finland)


Light design
Przemyslaw Kalemba


Mrs Ella, Maciej Glowacki


Agencja Vizualna


Layout of poster
TOFU studio


ca. 50 min.




Desert Rose is performance about longing for lure and temptation to seduce. Created in a symbolic language of butoh dance, the piece touches the notions of electrifying sweetness - uninhibited and tempting, existing only because of its charm.
Performance Desert Rose was inspired by apparently distant images - a specific kind of plant called Desert Rose and a phenomenon of glamour. The flowers are of bewildering beauty. They allure with their juicy colour, however in the naked desert landscape they seem to exist only for themselves and only for a while. Swollen with poisonous juice, they attract the sight; they are unreal and wild. This image merges symbolically with something oversaturated, illusive, sickly sweet, pink and cheaply alluring. It expands and pulsates. It boldly interweaves with sensuality and infantilism - an overdrawn desire for enchantment and glamour.



Premièred on 2-3rd of December 2014 at Wybrzeze Theatre in Gdansk, Poland.





Phot. Maciej Grochala, ©TO-EN Butoh Company 2014





Partner: Wybrzeze Theatre


Thanks to: Elena Stoszek, Maciej Grochala, Mr Zbyszek, Pan Cukrowy and STARDOM Company.


Special thanks to Alex - for gorgeous lips.


The project was supported by the Pomorskie Voivodeship and the City of Gdansk within the Cultural Scholarship of the City of Gdansk.






Phot. Natalia Osuch, © TO-EN Butoh Company 2014






Krzysztof Pajka
Musician, sound artist, man of many talents; participant of the musical campaign "Pepsi Faza" –  winner for the Best Musical Composition. His work has been presented in the Polish Radio – Radiostacja, Machina magazine and TV VIVA Poland. Pajka has actively work within "Sopocka Scena Off de BICZ" (Sopot, Poland) as an author and life music performer for stage performances. He has participated in the project "POLIFONIA" (book, music and film) as well as in many happening concerts and musical activities as a member of a band called "Plac zabaw- Czemuś". Since 2010 Pajka continuously collaborates with TO-EN Butoh Company.


Przemyslaw Kalemba
A regular light designer of the most prominent theatre in Gdansk, (Poland) - Wybrzeze Theatre. He cooperates with Theatre BOTO Foundation and Profit Group. He sets light space to various music concerts in Poland.






Phot. Natalia Osuch, © TO-EN Butoh Company 2014





Phot. Natalia Osuch, © TO-EN Butoh Company 2014




Reviews and interviews:

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Desert Rose, Autograf, no.1 (125), I-II 2015


Rose blossoms with sacrifice, Gazeta Swietojanska 18.05.2015







Phot. Maciej Grochala, ©TO-EN Butoh Company 2014





DSW Białystok / phot. Natalia Kalina