Butoh dance workshops

phot. Paweł Maciak



The workshops are held by TO-EN - butoh dancer and choreographer from Poland. She represents the next generation of a quite small group of butoh dancers in the world. Studying with famous Swedish butoh artist SU-EN, she is the only one to continue the SU-EN Butoh Dance Method in Poland and first one in the world. The Method comes directly from teachings of the legendary butoh dancers Tatsumi Hijikata and Yoko Ashikawa. TO-EN follows the footsteps of the butoh founders aiming at performing, choreographing and teaching.



Butoh is a contemporary dance form originated from Japan in the late 1950s. Revolutionary and breaking principles of the dance genre, butoh created new modes of expression. Butoh dancers focused on the deep body work leading towards the redefinition of the body on stage. In this process body became art. Nowadays in Europe, butoh is still surprising the spectators with its unique style, consequently strengthening its impact and position on the contemporary art scene.



Workshops give an introduction into the body work in butoh dance - from the basic training to choreography. The method is based on the re-definition of the body and finding its new artistic modes of expression. Workshop includes butoh basic training (posture, breathing, endurance) as well as choreographic process, based on Body Materials. The additional element might be also training in nature.



The workshop is open to all over 20 who is prepared to work hard and focused. Previous dance experience is not needed but workshops are physically demanding.




- quiet space (with floor to be able to dance barefoot), no mirrors, possible to shadow

- size: min. 8 X 10 m 

- audio (for CD, USB, mini jack)

- carpet

- changing room for participants



- duration - minimum 2 days


Workshops might be held for 2-3 days or more, finalizing even with participant's group performance. Another option are longer, monthly performance workshops to be finish with bigger performance, such us Senior dancing butoh and Hidden by the leaves.





Dancer's butoh body is born with space. Thanks to the space, it becomes alive and drinks the reality with the senses wide open. In the dancer's butoh body all the living matters meet and fill in the body. The body confronts the matters and transforms. What will happen afterwards? What truth will the living matters tell? This is how the dance is born. In this process, the matter receives a symbolic meaning. Confronting the body, it transmits the fundamental truth about the human being and the world. TO-EN