Time, space, fragrances, colors. The rhythm of nature, extreme in its actions - emotionally uneven, carrying peace and destruction. In a world where man tries to consume and suck everything, thoughtlessly and unemotionally, the nature will always mark its place.


I am dancing because I am attracted by a world of constant tensions. Tensions between nature, human, socio-political situation, as well as any other. My dance comes out of this tension of the world, where, what a paradox, everything exists next to each other and, despite contrasts, defines and complements.


Butoh dance has the power to express this paradox, seek solutions, force questions. When the butoh dancer tries to transform his/her body into a different reality - he/she is searching. He/she is looking for a real and honest meeting with the viewer and a field for dialogue and transformation. I am dancing because I still believe that this is possible.


TO-EN, 2016






The BLACKNESS project is a journey. It exposes slowly, like frames in a film. Each exposure is a setting of landscapes which create a poetic structure within simple and suggestive images. Oil-bearing seams, suffering of a bird, desire for death, madness - like dark passion. Simple images from black clay, sand and oil.


The BLACKNESS project explores various genres. It is a multidisciplinary manifesto, a kaleidoscopic impression created at the meeting point of dance, music, video, photography, visual poetry and printing. Rethinking with features of formal hypertrophy which, however, strives to burst the form, ultimately leaning towards the simplicity and reflection over the relationship between human, nature and civilization.









Source: NASA






Blackness - the darkest colour


A place so dark, that no shadow can exist.

Absorption of light.

This blackness is black wind and black hair.

This blackness is black maps with stains of black gold.

It is black forest of Aokigahara, overgrowing the solidified lava. 




Blackness sucks like a black hole.

Annihilates but widens and expands.

Attracts, absorbs,  pushes.









29.01.2016, Manhattan Gallery (Lodz, Poland) - Blackness - sequence I


2016, exhibition Butoh dance - photography


9.12.2016, 2 Windows Theatre / Shakespeare Theatre (Gdansk, Poland), Blackness - sequence II


8.4.2018, "KLAMRA" Festival, (Torun, Poland), Blackness - sequence II // vol.2.


21.7.2019, Oliwa Town Hall of Culture (Gdansk, Poland) -  Blackness - sequence III